Candice’s Message

Message from Candice Hoeppner, MP

Dear Fellow Canadians,

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On September 22, there will be a simple yet important vote in the House of Commons on my Private Members’ Bill C-391.  Members of Parliament will have to vote either to KEEP the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry, or to SCRAP it.

Some have asked me why I introduced this bill, especially as a woman and a mother who does not even own a long-gun.

I became politically active almost 10 years ago.  Our justice system was eroding and money was being poured into programs that did nothing to fight crime, like the long-gun registry.

As a result, I decided to get involved in politics to show my children the importance of acting instead of just sitting back and complaining.  I still believe that.  Whether as a mom volunteering in my community then, or today as a Member of Parliament, I will fight for sound policy and fight even harder to end bad policy.

The long-gun registry is a massive Liberal policy failure and it needs to end.  It makes no sense to force law-abiding individuals who have a license to own firearms to register their long-guns and actually believe that the registry will prevent a gun crime from taking place.

Yet Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff refuses to listen to common sense.  He has been clear that he will be “whipping” his Liberal MPs to KEEP the long-gun registry, even though 8 of them voted to SCRAP the long-gun registry.

And NDP Leader Jack Layton has hardly been any better.  He has been quietly pressuring his 12 NDP MPs (a third of the Federal NDP caucus) who voted to SCRAP the registry to reverse their position and vote to KEEP it.

In her report in December of 2002, the Auditor General exposed the wastefulness of the registry.  Hundreds of millions of dollars ended up in the pockets of big consulting firms and did nothing to prevent or fight crime.  Almost $2 billion has been wasted thus far.  This money could have gone towards front-line police officers, as well as programs to help our kids who are at risk for drug and gang involvement.

Let me be clear that my bill will only end the requirement to register long-guns.  Stringent licensing requirements will continue for all firearms and police will have the capacity to know who owns a gun and where that person lives.

Canadians have spoken loudly and clearly through their Members of Parliament on Bill C-391.    That is why I will continue to work on behalf of both Canadian women and men to protect their interests and their tax dollars, and see an end to the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry once and for all.

Quite simply, IT’S TIME.

TIME to SCRAP the wasteful and ineffective Long-Gun Registry.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me – I want to hear your views.


Candice Hoeppner
Member of Parliament, Portage-Lisgar
Sponsor of Bill C-391